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In Osteuropa 5/2010

In Need of Reform
Looking After the War Generation in Belarus

Raissa Sinel’nikova

Deutsche Fassung


Since the Brezhnev era, veterans have played an important role in the patriotic Soviet representation of the war. They also enjoyed social privileges and benefits. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the heroic remembrance of the war and the official appreciation of the veterans remained in Belarus. The number of living contemporary witnesses of the Second World War is sinking. Officially, they are well provided for like all elderly people. In fact, the situation is more difficult: The state welfare programmes are underfinanced. There is a lack of resources on site as well. Bureaucratic hurdles and overworked personnel encumber work. And all of 80 of the 60,000 registered social organisations in Belarus care for veterans and the elderly.

(Osteuropa 5/2010, pp. 253–262)