Cover Osteuropa 7/2011

In Osteuropa 7/2011

Anything Goes
The State of Contemporary Russian Prose

Karlheinz Kasper

Deutsche Fassung


In 2010, 34 novels reached the final round of the four most important Russian literary prizes. But a place on the shortlist of a literary competition is not in and of itself decisive for a nationwide marketing campaign and international reception. Only in a few of the nominated works is a socially relevant theme combined with an innovative style. Roman Senchin’s Eltyshevy, Aleksandr Ilichevskii’s Pers, German Sadulaev’s Shalinskii reid, Margarita Chemlin’s Klotsvog, and Vladimir Sorokin’s Metel’ could endure, reach readers at home and abroad, and perhaps even find their way into the history of Russian literature.

(Osteuropa 7/2011, pp. 107–191)