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Life in All Its Absurd Manifestations
Russian Literature in Debut and New Translation 2011

Karlheinz Kasper

Deutsche Fassung


Is Russian literature abroad still adequately represented in translation? The Russian media is currently discussing this question. In German speaking countries, almost thirty translations of Russian fiction were published in 2011, somewhat fewer than in previous years. Notable contributions among them, however, include new versions of modern texts (Ivan Bunin, Evgenii Zamiatin, Viacheslav Ivanov, Marina Tsvetaeva, Daniil Kharms) and first-time translations of major novels and stories by artistically ambitious living writers (Mikhail Shishkin, Vladimir Makanin, Andrei Gelasimov, Denis Osokin, Dmitry Dergachev).

(Osteuropa 1/2012, pp. 127–199)