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Unsorted Remarks
From Lutosławski to the Silesian School of Composers

Wojciech Kuczok

Deutsche Fassung


Musique funèbre is 14 minutes of total music. It is a masterpiece, the highest flight of Polish compositional imagination. It was created by an elegant gentleman with grey hair and a soft voice, a first-class intellect and a cheerful temperament: Witold Lutosławski. Some think Musique funèbre is worth the entire catalogue of 20th-century Polish music. But that is a mistake. The Silesian school of composers in particular includes names and works that are worth remembering. Lutosławski was an outstanding artist, but he fell short of perfection in one respect: he was not an Upper Silesian.

(Osteuropa 11-12/2012, pp. 103–110)