Cover Osteuropa 8/2013

In Osteuropa 8/2013

“Szczettinstan” and “Nowa Amerika”
Region Formation from Below on the German-Polish Border

Sebastian Kinder, Nikolaus Roos

Deutsche Fassung


Europeanisation influences the integration of inner-European border regions. This is also seen along the German-Polish border. Although the border zone’s socio-economic structural problems are formidable, region formation in the greater Szczecin area is taking place from below. Regional enthusiasts are carrying out pioneering work. They are overcoming barriers and providing inducements to identify with the region. The common cultural area, supported by initiatives such as “Transkultura” or the art project “Nowa Amerika”, seems a mere construct. But gradually, it is becoming reality. The border in peoples’ heads is disappearing.

(Osteuropa 8/2013, pp. 3–18)