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“Find Optina Pustyn’!”
Russian Literature in German Translation in 2013

Karlheinz Kasper

Deutsche Fassung


The number of first-time and new translations from Russian for the German book market declined slightly in 2013. Nonetheless, the balance is positive. Finds from the literature of the 19th century (Odoevskii, Goncharov) caused a stir. New translations of Bulgakov, Dobychin, Tarkovsky, and Akhmadulina, but also first-time translations of works by Maksim Amelin will stimulate discussion about innovative translation techniques. There were new editions of long-forgotten books by Jewish writers such as Zhabotinskii and Margolin, gripping memoirs on childhood and youth by Kochergin and Kisina, daring experiments in language from cult writers such as Pelevin and Erofeev.

(Osteuropa 1/2014, pp. 99–128)