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In Osteuropa 5-6/2014

Decentralization and Subsidiarity
In Opposition to Federalisation à la russe

Mykola Rjabčuk

Deutsche Fassung


In Ukraine, calls for the country’s federalisation have grown loud. Advocates see federalisation as a way to reduce tensions between the regions. Opponents fear an increase in centrifugal tendencies. Moscow propagates federalisation in order to maintain its influence in the country or even to paralyse it along the lines of Bosnia. Instead of pondering federalisation à la russe, Kiev should build functioning state institutions and launch reforms aimed at decentralising and strengthening self-determination at the local and regional level. That would be the most important contribution Ukraine’s leaders could make to strengthening statehood and democracy.

(Osteuropa 5-6/2014, pp. 217–226)