Cover Osteuropa 11-12/2015

In Osteuropa 11-12/2015

The Will to Power
The Orbán System, the Refugees, and Europe

László Seres

Deutsche Fassung


Hungary’s refugee policy was motivated by instrumental considerations: it served to restore the popularity of the Fidesz government. For Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, it was not about Schengen, or the European Union, or European values. Rather, it was only about his power. This quest for power explains every change of course made by Fidesz, from a libertarian economic philosophy to an economy dominated by cliques, from the idea of freedom to the defence of autocracy. Instead of introducing the Westernization of Hungary that is necessary to modernize the country, Orbán is preserving Kádárism. Moreover, his regime recalls the concept of Italian fascism.

(Osteuropa 11-12/2015, pp. 45–49)