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In Osteuropa 4/2015

The New Heart of Ukraine?
Dnipropetrovsk after Euromaidan

Andrii Portnov

Deutsche Fassung


The metropolis Dnipropetrovsk, where Russian, Ukrainian, Soviet, and Jewish layers of history overlap, has so far managed to face down the chaos of war that Russia, with the help of armed groups in the Donbas, has unleashed. That has a lot to do with the work of billionaire Ihor Kolomoiskyi and the Private Group. Together with the regional authorities, they have seized on the traditional self-confidence of Dnipropetrovskers and offered a new form of local patriotism that is closely linked with political loyalty to Ukraine. Dnipropetrovsk is the first city to manifest a decidedly Ukrainian political nationalism. This nationalism is compatible with the Russian language and Russian or Jewish identity.

(Osteuropa 4/2015, pp. 173–185)