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Values and Rules
The Array of Sanctions Available to EU Institutions

Anna Bachmann

Deutsche Fassung


The European Union can respond by various means to violations of the law on the part of member states. Violations of individual provisions can lead to treaty infringement proceedings, which can end with substantial fines. If a state violates the fundamental values of the EU, proceedings in accordance with Art. 7 of the Treaties of the European Union come into consideration. That can lead to a state losing some of its membership rights within the EU. The hurdles to setting proceedings in motion are correspondingly high. In addition, the European Commission has developed preliminary proceedings, which are to address grievances through dialogue with the state concerned. Such preliminary proceedings were used for the first time in the case of Poland. However, it is legally controversial. By contrast, treaty infringement proceedings under Art. 258 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union could also be successful in this case.

(Osteuropa 1-2/2016, pp. 209–222)