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In Osteuropa 3-4/2017

Examining and Discussing, and not Scandalising, the Past
The Scheibert case. A reply to the Review by Egbert Jahn and Inge Auerbach

Esther Abel

Deutsche Fassung


Egbert Jahn and Inge Auerbach have written a lengthy review of my book Kunstraub – Ostforschung – Hochschulkarriere about Peter Scheibert, a specialist in Eastern European history. The book discusses Scheibert’s involvement in the theft of art by the Nazis and his attitude towards his own past in the Waffen-SS. It would appear that the main purpose of the reviewers is to rehabilitate Scheibert. In their view, he has been wrongly condemned in my book. They have inaccurately quoted count-less results from my research. Their degree of objectivity is questionable.

(Osteuropa 3-4/2017, pp. 143–156)