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Fraternal twins
The Law and Justice party (PiS) and Fidesz: commonalities and differences

Kai-Olaf Lang

Deutsche Fassung


The ruling parties in Poland and Hungary have much in common. Both are striving to rebuild the state and society along neo-traditionalist lines. They regard democracy as being the rule of the majority; the mandate that they have received by the people in the ballot boxes should not be restricted by checks and balances. In the EU, the PiS and Fidesz back the reinforcement and expansion of national government jurisdic-tion. However, due to differences in foreign and European policy – in particular with regard to security policy and their relationship with Russia – no national conservative axis has been created in Central and Eastern Europe. Despite their ideological similarities, this alliance can also fracture.

(Osteuropa 3-5/2018, pp. 77–98)