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In Osteuropa 4-6/2021

Autarky and Self-Determination
Czech Energy Policy amid Europe’s Competing Interests

Tomáš Ehler

Deutsche Fassung


Czech energy policy faces major challenges. Domestic lignite still plays a major role in the country’s energy supply. In the search for alternatives before the final phase-out of coal in 2038, the Czech Republic is betting above all on nuclear energy. This reflects a broad social consensus. Behind this lies careful deliberations on such principles as security of supply, economic efficiency, and ecological sustainability. Renewable sources of energy have only limited potential in the Czech interior, and these have fallen into disrepute due to an expensive model of subsidies. Imported natural gas will gain in importance as a bridging technology, but its use should not grow unduly for reasons of security policy.

(Osteuropa 4-6/2021, pp. 313–334)