Cover Osteuropa 4-5/2022

In Osteuropa 4-5/2022

War, Change of Course, Continuity
Hungary’s Ukraine and Russia Policy

András Rácz

Deutsche Fassung


With Hungary’s approval, Ukraine was declared a candidate for EU membership on June 23, 2022. This marked a change of course for Budapest. Due to bilateral conflicts with Kyiv, Budapest had previously blocked all of Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic ambitions. Hungary’s Ukraine policy remains in flux. Irrespective of the war, Hungary continues to pursue its “opening to the East” towards Russia. This strategy aims to expand economic cooperation. Hungary has so far supported the EU sanctions against Russia, but Viktor Orbán makes no secret of the fact that he opposes them. Domestically, Orbán has used the war to consolidate his power.

(Osteuropa 4-5/2022, pp. 155–163)