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In Osteuropa 9-10/2022

Eight Years and Nine Months of War
Ukraine’s Precautionary Steps, Defensive Maneuvers, and Re-conquest

Nikolay Mitrokhin

Deutsche Fassung


The Ukrainian army has undergone significant modernisation since the start of the war in 2014. That said, it was inadequately prepared for Russia’s invasion in February 2022. There was a shortage of heavy weapons, armoured vehicles, and ammunition. Nonetheless, the Ukrainian army proved itself able to cope with the massive attack and to liberate occupied areas. Decisive factors were the strong will to fight, the support of the population, good coordination of mobile units acting with great autonomy, the delivery of western artillery and rocket systems, a smart tactical approach, and not least of all mistakes made by the invaders. This enabled the Ukrainian army to achieve great successes in the defence of Kiev and Kharkiv in the first two months of the war and in significant reconquests during the summer and autumn. Where the occupying army has entrenched itself in urban areas or along well-fortified front lines, the Ukrainian armed forces are running into difficulties and paying a high price in blood.

(Osteuropa 9-10/2022, pp. 163–181)