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In Osteuropa 10-11/2023

Upheaval at the Ballot Box
The Elections in Poland and the New Government’s Policies

Kai-Olaf Lang

Deutsche Fassung


In Poland’s parliamentary elections in mid-October 2023, the national-conservative government was voted out of office. The broad opposition alliance was able to mobilize many voters, which led to a high voter turnout. The defeated PiS, whose supporters are found mainly among older people and in rural areas, failed to do so. Demographic trends also played a role, by contrast voter migration almost none. The new government now wants to reverse the PiS-era restructuring of the state and attend to Poland’s rule of law. This is to lead to Poland receiving blocked EU funds as well. In German-Polish relations, the upheaval at the ballot box has opened up the opportunity for a new start. The new government does not consider German and Polish interests to be incompatible. However, under the new Polish government, there will still be differences, for example, in environmental and security policy.

(Osteuropa 10-11/2023, pp. 63–74)