Cover Osteuropa 4-5/2008

In Osteuropa 4-5/2008

Frenzied Standstill
The Simulated Revolution in Sustainability

Daniel Hausknost

Deutsche Fassung


Commitments to a sustainable form of civilisation are becoming more insistent. Politicians of all stripes eloquently express their opposition to climate change. Nonetheless, pleas for sustainability and radical change are followed by insufficient action. Indicators such as the “ecological footprint”, which measures human consumption of the earth’s bio-capacity, are pointing in the wrong direction. Political systems in the East and the West have so far proven incapable of meeting the greatest challenge of our day: the transition from the fossil fuel to the post fossil fuel era. Mankind must reconstruct its entire system of reproduction and its metabolism.

(Osteuropa 4-5/2008, pp. 9–19)